Powerful Post-Workout Benefits of Drinking Chocolate Milk

Jeremy Colon
2 min readMay 14, 2020
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Do you want to know what taste really well and has great benefits as well? The oh powerful and beneficial elixir that we all need for our post workouts: Chocolate Milk! Not only can you fuel up by drinking this you can even crank up your calorie and carb counts by throwing in some cinnamon toast crunch along with some blueberries.

This will not only max out your muscle making ability, but you can even mix in whey protein. These ingredients serve a unique role in helping the body recover, grow more muscle, and lose fat.

What were they?


Chocolate milk contains an amazing trio of nutrients:

· Slow & Fast Digesting, (and HIGH QUALITY) Proteins

· Quick Digesting Carbohydrates (i.e. Lactose & Added

· Sugars)

· Electrolytes (e.g. Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium)

What does each do?

The protein in milk (about 8g/cup) begins the recovery process by flipping on the switch to signal the body to grow more muscle

The fast digesting carbohydrates aid in refilling depleted muscle glycogen stores and the electrolytes help rehydrate the body and aid in maintaining proper functioning of the nerves and muscles. [Side Note: Why did I choose CHOCOLATE milk and not regular milk? It has a more ideal ratio (i.e. 3:1 vs. 2:1) of carbohydrates-to-protein, which may more optimally replenish glycogen after a training session. Plus, it just tastes better!]

What’s the rest do?


Even though milk is a great source of protein, you want to ensure you’re hitting the leucine threshold (~3 grams) to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Whey may be an ideal protein source after training because it’s quick to deliver amino acids to damaged muscles aiding in their recovery and repair and it also may keep the immune system healthy, which is important, especially after a hard training session.


More carbs? Of Course! Cereal is an excellent source of quick-digesting carbs that, along with the other ingredients, causes a sharp release in insulin which shuttles glucose and amino acids to muscle cells further helping the repair and recovery processes. It doesn’t have to be Cinnamon Toast Crunch and can be any cereal really. Feel free to choose what YOU like!


The berry at the top! Blueberries just adds a ton of good things to the mix because of their antioxidant content, they help reduce the inflammatory response from training and they’ve also been shown to boost brain function.

There you have it. The easy ready to go drink/meal after workout session. Nothing fancy. Just simple, effective and not to mention CHEAP!

Jeremy Colon

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