If You Have Osteoarthritis, Here are Exercises and Methods that can Help!

Jeremy Colon
9 min readMay 26, 2022
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Do you have osteoarthritis (OA)?

Your knees, hip, or back hurt either all the time or with specific movements. You’re stiff when you get up in the morning. Maybe you went to the doctor, and they send you to get an X-Ray or MRI and saw that there’s no cartilage.

You have bone-on-bone arthritis. They might have even mentioned something about a hip replacement or knee replacement surgery.

On the one hand, you don’t want to go under the knife, but on the other, the pain may be tolerable now, but in a few years, you may be a candidate for that surgery, and at that point, the pain may be much worse.

What to do?

That’s what we’ll talk about in this article: exercise for osteoarthritis (both physical and mental).

But first, a little background:

A lot of my clients have Osteoarthritis.

Because of a vast number of clients with OA, I’m never really satisfied with just “good enough.”

I want to know the best possible thing you can do in the shortest period.

This led me to hire a scientific researcher to do a very comprehensive review of the science that exists out there that would help my clients with OA.

He just had one rule: he could only look at scientific/medical journals on this.

He couldn’t read mainstream books, he couldn’t read magazines, and he couldn’t watch Youtube videos. These had to be scientific/medical journals.

After a month of research, he came up with pretty much the most comprehensive set of strategies when it comes to dealing with osteoarthritis that is available to a personal trainer (exercise, nutrition, and supplements).

It came up to 24 pages of notes, but I won’t make you read all 24 pages.

Here, I’ll give you the bullet points — both what we know, as well as what we don’t know.

Predisposition to Osteoarthritis

What are some of the biggest risk factors for osteoarthritis?

  • Obesity: this one’s obvious just because there’s more weight…



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