Embracing the Journey: Addressing Aging Anxiety with Fitness and Fun

Jeremy Colon
3 min readDec 27, 2023
Don’t let the idea of aging slow down your happiness // Photo Credit: Free Pik.

Ever heard of FOGO?

Let’s discuss something we don’t often discuss: the fear of getting older, aka FOGO. It’s like this silent guest at the table, influencing our choices and feelings without us even realizing it.

Breaking the Aging Anxiety Code

Ever noticed someone splurging on anti-wrinkle potions or steering clear of anything remotely linked to aging? That could be FOGO in action. It’s more than just a feeling — it can nudge us towards poor health and even accelerate aging. Not the kind of party guest we want, right?

Diving into the Study

Researchers asked 178 African-American adults to answer a 142-question survey about aging and physical activity. The participants were women (62%) with an average of 61.5 and a BMI of 30.

The questionnaire looked at four factors of aging anxiety:

  • Fear of older adults, which is behind those “I don’t do nursing homes” comments
  • Psychological concerns, such as worrying about whether you’ll be able to find peace or contentment when you’re older
  • Physical appearance concerns, such as feeling bothered by how your looks have changed
  • Fear of loss, such as worrying that your friends will die and leave you alone

This study found that women were more likely to experience this anxiety compared to men.

Surprisingly, middle-aged folks were more concerned about their appearance than the older lot.

Fitness and FOGO Connection

Here’s the fascinating part: Physical activity seems to be the secret weapon against aging anxiety. Participants who viewed exercise as enjoyable and helpful were less anxious about growing old. Isn’t that something?

Strength training emerged as a superhero in reducing anxiety about physical appearance and boosting confidence. A link between staying active and a more positive view of aging exists.

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