Debunking Diet Drink Myths: Can You Really “Keep a Tab” on Your Weight?

Jeremy Colon
4 min readJan 25, 2024
Diet drinks vs. water for weight control? // Photo Credit: Free Pik.

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Have you ever heard of Tab, the drink that promised to “keep a tab on your weight” back in the groovy ‘60s? It’s a blast from the past, but the debate around diet drinks and their impact on weight has been stirring the health pot for ages.

Let’s take a refreshing sip of knowledge as we dive into a recent study that might challenge some long-standing beliefs about diet sodas.

Tab Tales: A Quick Throwback

Tab made its entrance in the 1960s, initially boasting saccharin and cyclamate sweeteners. However, a sweet twist of fate occurred when cyclamate got banned in 1969 due to its link with bladder cancer. Saccharin later landed on the likely list of carcinogens, sparking a whirlwind of debates. Fast forward to today, and the diet drink conversation is still bubbling.

Unraveling the Diet Drink Dilemma

While the broader health effects of artificial sweeteners are a topic for another day, let’s zoom in on one burning question: Can diet drinks help you “keep a tab” on your weight?

A recent study from the University of Liverpool set out to answer just that. Participants were divided into two groups, one sipping water and the other enjoying artificially sweetened drinks, as part of a 2-year weight management program.

The Weighty Verdict

Surprisingly, the diet soda sippers, or the non-nutritive sweetener group, edged out in weight loss, maintaining a 16.5-pound loss over two years compared to the water group’s 13.4-pound loss. Hunger levels didn’t tip the scales either way.

Coach JC’s Wisdom to Sip On

  1. Moderation is the Key: Diet drinks aren’t all saints or sinners. It’s about finding a balance. If swapping regular soda for a diet helps you maintain a healthy weight, go for it. Sometimes, the benefits outweigh any potential downside.
  2. Consider the Bigger Picture: Consider your health efforts a jar filled with big rocks, pebbles, and sand. Diet soda might be a small rock or even sand in the grand scheme. It’s about the overall choices that fill…



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