This one is always a hot topic!

Let’s shed some light on this.

A lot of us want to be in better shape, have muscles, and overall be healthier.

With life and everything around it, things can be stressful and everyone is entitled to drinking.

For most folks who are not doing competitions or sporting events, light drinking (anywhere from 1–3 drinks once or twice per week) will not have significant effects on overall health and performance.

When we start to drink 4+ drinks per day, the effects begin to threaten health and fitness goals…

Don’t Let the Grind Culture Interfere with Your Sleep 💤

In a busy “every minute on the minute” culture from taking care of kids to long work weeks, we underestimate sleep 😴

Sleep is impacted drastically when you’re on a weight loss diet.

The longer a fat loss phase continues (year long dieting or chronic dieting), the worst the quality and quality of sleep will become.

Sleep is important for health, recovery from training, and fitness/everyday performance.

In fact, the growth hormone (a strong fat burner) is decreased during deep sleep, making it extremely important in the fat burning process.


Fiber is here to save the day!

Fiber acts a great hunger suppressant especially for those that are on a weight loss (caloric deficit) diet.

Higher fiber foods includes veggies, fruits, and whole grains.

The higher the fiber content in a food item, the more it suppress hunger.

Digestion of any food in combination with fiber will be slowed thus increase the duration of being full for longer periods.

For example, chicken with rice might keep you full for a couple hours whereas chicken is out fruits/veggies in place of rice is…

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This year’s Fourth of July feels different with everything that is happening around the world 🌎

However, it’s still a holiday to spend time with family, unwind, and be surrounded by lots of food choices.

With that being said, here are 4 key health tips to keep in mind as we approach the holiday weekend.

  1. Pace Yourself

No one wants to feel a completely heavy meal when you’re outside in the heat. To make sure your food doesn’t weigh down your festivities, make salads and sides to balance the main course.

2. Stay Hydrated

No matter where you are, July…


We all have bottom lines for our business, but what is the bottom line for our nutrition?

There’s a lot of truth in the old saying that the best diet and training programs are the ones you’re going to stick to.

No matter how perfectly designed a diet or workout routine is, if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, you’re better off finding an alternative that does.

For example, planning and tracking calories is the most effective and reliable way to lose fat, but some people roll their eyes at the idea of it.



As you know, the question of how much protein to eat is complex, but when you review the large amounts of studies, a general consensus emerges:

If you’re lean and not in a calorie deficit, 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is enough to reap the many benefits of a high protein diet.

This also coincides with what body builders have sworn by for decades: 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

If you’re relatively lean and in a caloric deficit, 1 to 1.2…


The straightforward answer: When and how often you eat doesn’t really matter.

Increasing meal frequently doesn’t speed up your metabolism.

Eating carbs at night doesn’t make you fat.

The “post work out anabolic window” is more suspect than fact.

One of the many beauties of our bodies is that they are amazing at adapting to meet the demands we place on them.

As long as you achieve proper energy balance, have a great macronutrient breakdown, and make smart food choices — you’ll always be on top of your health and have leeway when you…


Nothing beats home cook meals especially when we are on the run.

Here are some benefits of cooking meat more effectively.

Two alternative exists for preparing red meat: dry heat cooking and wet heat cooking.

Dry heat cooking includes: grilling, broiling, sautéing, roasting, and stir frying.

Wet heat cooking includes: steaming, poaching, stewing, slow cooking, pot roasting, and braising.

As a general rule, cook steaks, which are natural tender, with dry heat methods and shorter cooking times.

Roasts, which have more collagen and elastin than steaks need longer, slower cooking periods using wet…

Jeremy Colon

Performance/Weight Loss Coach for Busy Women. I help women lose over 20+lbs in 12 weeks by helping them gain mastery over their health and lifestyle habits.

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