50 Life Lessons People Learn Too Late That Improve Happiness, Confidence, and Longevity!

Jeremy Colon
6 min readOct 11, 2023
Nothing should impair your ability to have a healthy, happy lifestyle. The world is yours to strive in // Photo Credit: Free Pik.

What is life meant to be for us?

As we move through life, we encounter an endless stream of experiences that shape who we are and what we value. Some experiences are positive, while others are difficult, challenging, or traumatic.

However, each experience carries within it the potential to teach us valuable lessons.

Life lessons are the insights, wisdom, and knowledge we acquire through experiences. They are the internalized wisdom we carry throughout our lives, shaping our beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes.

Life lessons are about learning from our mistakes or successes and understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Our world is vast, and as long as we are open-minded and willing to learn, we can achieve our wildest desires.

Some of these lessons are straightforward, whereas others will have more explanation. Take what applies and throw away the rest.

1. Loneliness and social isolation can harm your health, such as smoking and obesity.

2. When you change how you view/talk to yourself, you change how others treat you.

3. Your health is your first and most important job. If you don’t protect your health, you won’t be able to preserve anything else — your happiness, family, or finances.

4. Every successful person you admire has embarrassed themselves in front of people they deeply respect.

You will have to do the same to succeed at a high level.

5. Just because you do something a lot doesn’t mean you’re good at it.

It’s called the “Mere Exposure Effect,” and it’s the reason you still pee around the toilet seat.

6. Your comforts are a threat to your longevity.



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